Computer Abbreviations A to Z | Questions, and Answers for Computer

COMPUTER full form or meaning is Common Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational research.

Computer Abbreviations A to Z

Computer Abbreviations A to Z Questions, and Answers for Computer

Computer Abbreviations Questions and Answers

Q1. URL stands for

Uniform Resource Locator

Q2. WWW stands for

World Wide Web

Q3. IBM stands for

International Business Machine

Q4. FTP stands for

File Transfer Protocol

Q5. BIOS stands for

Basic Input Output System

Q6. Full form of MB is

Mega Bytes

Q7. FORTRAN stands for

Formula Translation

Q8. ALU is

Arithmetic Logic Unit

Q9. DVD refers to

Digital Video Device

Q10. CPU Stands for

Central Processing Unit

Q11. CRT stands for

Cathode Ray Tube

Q12. UNIVAC stands for

Universal Automatic Computer

Q13. What is the meaning .EXE?

Executable Files

Q14. In Computer Technology CAD stands for

Computer Aided Design

Q15. USB stands for

Universal Serial Bus

Q16. LCD stands for

Liquid Crystal Display

Q17. LAN stands for

Local Area Network

Q18. MSD refers as

Most Significant Digit

Q19. WAN stands for

Wide Area Network


American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Q21. GB stands for


Q22. PROM stands for

Programmable Read Only Memory

Q23. OCR stands for

Optical Character Recognition

Q24. KB stands for


Q25. ROM stands for

Read Only Memory

Q26. MOS stands for

Metal Oxide Semiconductor

Q27. What is the full form of DTP?

Desktop Publishing

Q28. In MICR, C stands for


Q29. DRAM stands for

Dynamic Random Access Memory

Q30. CD-ROM stands for

Compact Disc Read Only Memory

Q31. IT stands for

Information Technology

Q32. P2P stands for

Peer to Peer

Q33. SRAM stands for

Static Random Access Memory

Q34. XML stands for

Extended Markup Language

Q35. DNS stands for

Domain Name System

Q36. EEPROM stands for

Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

Q37. SMTP stands for

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Q38. POP stands for

Post Office Protocol

Q39. FAT stands for

File Allocation Table

Q40. CUI stands for

Character User Interface

Q41. 1GL refers tos

First Generation Programming Langauge

Q42. ISDN stands for

Integrated Services Digital Network

Q43. COBOL stands for

Common Business Oriented Langauge

Q44. HTML stands for

Hyber Text Markup Langauge

Q45. TCP stands for

Transmission Control Protocol

Q46. VIRUS stands for

Vital Information Resource Under Siege

Q47. ARPANET stands for

Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

Q48. What is the full form of APL?

A Programming Langauge

Q49. CAE stands for

Computer Aided Engineering

Q50. VOD stands for



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