A Guide on How to Train Your Dog

Be a calm and assertive leader to earn your dog's respect and trust.

Establish Leadership

Teach fundamental commands like sit, stay, and come using treats and positive reinforcement.

Basic Commands

Maintain a consistent routine for feeding, walks, and training sessions.

Consistency is Key

Reward good behavior promptly with treats, praise, or affection.

Positive Reinforcement

Expose your dog to various people, environments, and other animals for positive social experiences.


Teach leash manners, reinforcing loose leash walking and responding to commands.

Leash Training

Correct undesirable behaviors with calm assertiveness, redirecting to positive actions.

Behavior Correction

Introduce the crate gradually, making it a comfortable and safe space.

Crate Training

Discourage jumping by turning away or ignoring until your dog is calm.

No Jumping

Progress to advanced commands like "leave it" and "drop it" for additional control.

Advanced Commands

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