How To Defeat Priestess in Persona 3 Reload

Time Crunch

Don't be fooled by the seemingly generous 30-minute timer! Priestess speeds things up, making true battle time limited.

No Weaknesses

Brace yourself! Unlike previous foes, Priestess boasts no elemental weaknesses. Brute force is your only option.

Summoning Spree

The Priestess calls upon Despairing Tiara shadows. Yukari shines here, using Wind magic to swiftly eliminate them.

Invitation to Chaos

Watch out for this powerful attack! It deals heavy damage and reduces your time further. Prioritize healing after it hits.

Damage is Key

Focus on unleashing your strongest physical and non-Ice attacks to steadily chip away at her health. Buffs and debuffs can further enhance your offense.

Keep the Pressure On

By dealing consistent damage, you can force Priestess into a loop of Summoning and Invitation to Chaos, making the fight more manageable.

Essential Equipment

Stock up on SP recovery items and equip Personas with strong non-Ice attacks and healing abilities. Don't forget defense!

Bonus Tip

Consider fusing a Persona with Agi (Fire) spells, as Priestess doesn't resist it.

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