Humane AI Pin: Embracing the Future with a Screen-Free Smartphone

Enter a new era with Humane AI Pin, the display-less smartphone in a lapel pin. Experience tech elegance with voice commands, green laser magic, and powerful Snapdragon features. Pre-order now!

Screen-Free Tech Magic

Humane AI Pin, the world's first display-less smartphone, fits in a lapel pin!

Phone-Free Future

Humane aims for a smartphone-less world with the revolutionary AI Pin.

Cosmic Operations

AI Pin, on Cosmos OS, uses ChatGPT and Bing for tasks, making tech waves.

Talk of the Town

Humane AI Pin creates a buzz in tech circles, sparking debates and discussions.

Apple Alumni's Debut

Ex-Apple employees launch Humane's AI Pin, redefining smartphone norms.

Invisible Screen Charm

Wear or clip the AI Pin—no traditional phone screen but all the functionality.

Interactive Illusion

AI Pin projects your phone onto your hand, adding a touch of futuristic magic.

Whispering Tech

Magnetic and voice-enabled, the AI Pin elegantly attaches to your shirt.

AI Unleashed

Beyond voice commands, it uses a green laser for gestures and smart interactions.

Tech Marvel Miniaturized

Weighing 34g, AI Pin packs Snapdragon power, motion sensors, and a 13 MP camera.