India vs. Australia After 20 Years!

Witness the cricketing extravaganza as India and Australia reunite in the World Cup after 20 years! Brace yourself for a clash of titans, filled with anticipation, drama, and fierce competition. Don't miss this epic showdown that promises to rewrite cricket history!

Australia's Commanding 359/2

The Aussies set the stage on fire, posting a colossal 359/2 in 50 overs, showcasing batting brilliance at Wanderers, Johannesburg.

Ponting's Unforgettable 140

Ricky Ponting's masterclass unfolded with a scintillating 140 runs, a knock etched in World Cup history as one of the finest.

Gilchrist's Blitzkrieg at the Crease

Adam Gilchrist's explosive innings of 57-ball 57 added firepower, steering Australia to a dominating position early in the game.

India's Resilient Bowling

Despite the onslaught, Zaheer Khan and Nehra showcased resilience, claiming crucial wickets amidst the Australian onslaught.

India's Pursuit and Tendulkar's Stand

India's chase commenced, anchored by the iconic Sachin Tendulkar, who displayed class and determination, scoring 4 boundaries.

Wickets Tumble in the Middle Order

Australia's bowlers struck back, disrupting India's middle order, with wickets falling in quick succession, changing the game dynamics.

Sehwag's Spirited 82

Virender Sehwag's valiant effort of 82 runs injected hope, with boundaries echoing his intent to challenge Australia's dominance.

A Final to Remember - India's 234 All Out

Despite a spirited fight, India concluded their innings at 234 all out in 39.2 overs, falling short in the pursuit of the colossal target.

Australia's Jubilant Victory

Australia's emphatic 125-run win secured their third consecutive World Cup title, solidifying their cricketing supremacy on the global stage.

A Legacy Forged in 2003

The 2003 World Cup final remains an indelible chapter, defining Australia's cricketing prowess and showcasing India's resilience in defeat.