"Embark on a poetic journey through the delicate nuances of love with 'Whispers of Affection.' This collection of very short love poems for her encapsulates moments of joy, passion, and connection, painting a vivid tapestry of emotions in the fewest words, each verse a tender brushstroke on the canvas of the heart."

Sunshine to My Soul

Your smile is sunshine to my soul, Your touch a warm embrace; My love for you will never grow old.

You Draw Me In

Your eyes, like pools of deep blue, Draw me in, they're all I see and pursue, Your love, like a warm embrace, Fills my soul with a gentle grace.

Like a Rose, Forever Yours

Like a rose, you bloom and grow, Your beauty, a wonder to behold, My heart, forever yours to keep, As we journey through life, step by step.

A Full Heart

With you, my heart is whole, My life is full of grace; Forever bound, body and soul

My Light

You are the light of my life, The one who makes everything right, Your love, a melody in my heart, Forever and always, my sweetheart.

Soothing Love

Your touch, like a soothing balm, Brings calm to my soul, like a peaceful psalm, Your love, like a symphony of joy, Fills my heart, forever to enjoy

You Are My All

In your eyes, I see my world, In your heart, I find my home, With you, I am complete, Forever and always, my love

You Bring Me Light

Your smile is like the sun, Bringing light to every day, I am blessed to be with you, Forever and always, Come what may

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