Unveiling Crime's Depths in Brazil: Stream Criminal Code Season 1 on Netflix Today!

Dive into the thrilling world of Criminal Code Season 1 on Netflix, premiering on November 14, 2023. Join federal agents using cutting-edge methods to unravel a web of bank robbery gangs. Action, suspense, and high-stakes investigations await – don't miss out!

Discover the Premiere Date

Uncover the suspense on Tuesday, November 14, as Criminal Code Season 1 hits Netflix, promising a gripping storyline that delves into the depths of crime in Brazil.

Innovative Crime Solving

Join a team of federal agents equipped with state-of-the-art forensic science, utilizing DNA and forensic testing to investigate a series of bank robberies that send shockwaves through Brazil.

Netflix's Action Unleashed

The trailer offers a glimpse into Netflix's latest action series, presenting a unique perspective on crime in Brazil that promises to captivate audiences with its intensity.

Epic Robbery Investigation

Following an epic heist in Paraguay, federal agents launch a complex investigation, tracing DNA samples that lead to a connection between cross-border crimes, unraveling a larger criminal conspiracy.

Synopsis of Criminal Code

The series weaves together action, special effects, and breathtaking sequences, portraying the clash between a technologically advanced police force and sophisticated criminals planning intricate, multi-million dollar heists.

Top-Notch Cast

Meet the stellar cast, including Maeve Jinkings, Rômulo Braga, Thomás Aquino, and Pedro Caetano, as they bring life to the characters in this eight-episode thriller.

Behind the Scenes

Created by the talented Heitor Dhalia, produced by Manoel Rangel and Egisto Betti, and developed by Paranoïd, Criminal Code promises a cinematic experience that goes beyond the surface of crime.

Streaming Details

Wondering where to catch all the action? Netflix is your go-to platform to stream Criminal Code Season 1 online and witness the clash between law enforcement and criminal masterminds.

Brazil's Crime Landscape

Explore the intricate dynamics of crime in Brazil as the series unfolds, showcasing the battle between a high-tech police force and criminals employing elaborate tactics for city-wide blockades and meticulously planned operations.

Mark Your Calendar

Don't miss the debut of Criminal Code Season 1 on Netflix – a thrilling journey into the heart of Brazilian crime, where each episode promises suspense, intrigue, and a visual spectacle.