X (Formerly Twitter) Faces Global Outage

X, Elon Musk’s rebranded Twitter platform, experienced a brief global outage, affecting thousands of users worldwide.

Global Outage

During the outage, users encountered "Welcome to X!" messages on their feeds, signaling the disruption in service.

Welcome Messages

Downdetector.com reported widespread outages on both X and X Pro, with a sudden spike in user reports globally.

Outage Tracking

X Pro, formerly TweetDeck, faced loading issues, displaying a message that said “Waiting for posts,” causing inconvenience for users.

Loading Issues

Over 47,000 U.S. users experienced access issues with X and X Pro, highlighting the scale of the outage in the United States.

U.S. User Impact

Frustrated users reported glitches, including tweets not displaying and the loss of bookmarked articles, expressing dissatisfaction with the service disruption.

User Complaints

Social media platform X, previously Twitter, was restored globally, resolving the issues faced by over 77,000 U.S. users at the peak of the outage.


Users in Canada, Britain, France, and other countries reported difficulties accessing both X and X Pro during the outage.

International Impact

Over 7,000 users in Canada and Britain experienced issues with the platform, as reported by Downdetector, which tracks outages through user status reports.

Downdetector Data

The cause of the outage, which began around 12 am ET, remains unknown, and attempts to contact X's communications and support teams were unsuccessful, adding to the mystery surrounding the disruption.

Uncertain Cause